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#HowWeThrive Customer Testimonials

Alyssa Foley, Obstacle Course Race Competitor "I have competed in over 55 races"

Alyssa Foley, Obstacle Course Race Competitor "I have competed in over 55 races"

My name is Alyssa Foley, 46 year old mother of two, Registered Dental Hygienist, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Obstacle Course Race Competitor. My life is a perfect amalgamation of events that can lead to injury. Back pain comes with the territory.

While training for an upcoming obstacle race, I injured my IT Band. This injury put me out of commission for almost 4 months. Sheryl introduced me to Thrive Tape and when I tried it that night I instantly noticed a difference. Right away I could feel the warm sensation where I placed the tape and within 30 minutes, the pain was gone. 

I wear it on my lower back during work (across my L4 and L5 area) and place it strategically on my IT band while running and competing. Not only did the pain disappear but my performance became greatly enhanced. From 2011 to date I have competed in over 55 races. Some of my best performances have come within the last 2 years while wearing Thrive Tape. It has allowed me pain free training which has increased my endurance, confidence and power. 

At 46 years old I would have never imagined myself placing in my age category, qualifying, and competing in the 2017 OCR World Championships in Canada. I am most grateful to Sheryl for this product as are all of my clients who use Thrive Tape. I keep a roll of it at my studio, in my gym bag and at work. Your tape has become an integral part of my daily armamentarium. 


Alyssa Foley

CE-Certified Personal Trainer

Obstacle Course Race Competitor