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Hal Augustine "after not being able to sleep I cut some tape"

Hal Augustine "after not being able to sleep I cut some tape"


“I am not typically the one who writes testimonials, but my experience is so good that I just want to share my experience.  I have been dealing with chronic shoulder pain for years. 

I am a 70-year-old male who loves to play tennis, fish and roughhouse with my six grandchildren.  A friend gave me some of his kinetic infrared tape to try.  I applied the tape according to his direction just before going out to play tennis. 

Believe it or not I was able to play with much less discomfort…and yes, we won one of the sets. 

I left the tape on for 2 days and the pain that I would usually have after a match was so much less.  I have been using the tape off and on now for a few months. 

My shoulder pain was due to a totally arthritic shoulder with no cartilage. I have been putting off my shoulder replacement surgery for 3 ½ years.  I finally had the surgery just over two weeks ago and am using the tape again around my incision and shoulder.  I have confidence that it will help me heal faster and provide some comfort during my recovery. 

“So if your are like me you are probably doubting the effectiveness of the tape.  With that in mind  I will share one additional experience.  I have chronic restless leg syndrome (RLS).  I am on a couple of medications to help with the symptoms; however, they are not as effective as they once were.  I had strung together two weeks of being up half the night with the symptoms (horrible). 

My wife suggested that I try the tape on my leg since nothing else worked and with the understanding of how it helped me as previously noted.  So at 3:30am that morning after not being able to sleep I cut some tape from the roll and wrapped my foot and calf with the tape. IT WORKED!  In a matter of 10 minutes the sensations that had kept me awake subsided and I was able to fall asleep.  I have now used the tape prophylactically for three days with the same result.”


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