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#HowWeThrive Customer Testimonials

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, MD "she is now pain free...with full mobility"

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, MD "she is now pain free...with full mobility"

Hello, I’m a big believer in this tape.

We’ve used the tape for all sorts of injuries and musculoskeletal problems in my practice. An employee of mine was dealing with a chronic shoulder pain and used the tape and she is now pain free, and with full mobility. 

I have used the tape myself with various ailments very successfully.

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, MD


Glenn Rothfeld MD is Founder of The Rothfeld Center for Integrative Medicine in the Boston area. He has practiced integrative health for over 35 years and is an author and lecturer. He developed one of the first college courses in the U.S. on Alternative Medicine for Tufts University.

Stephen Orleans "I had a failed metal on metal hip resurfacing which lead to 2 more Surgeries"

Stephen Orleans "I had a failed metal on metal hip resurfacing which lead to 2 more Surgeries"
I can certainly write about my own experience and my son could as well.   My Cliff Notes version ...
I had a failed metal on metal hip resurfacing which lead to 2 more Surgeries . Ended up with cobalt poisoning . Left in pain which rated a 10 on the McGill pain scale . I couldn't even work for 10 years.
I was put on opioids such as morphine, oxycodone, and Fentanyl.
Never abused meds but was put in hospital for a month in their detox unit to clean my body of opioids. This year alone I had 12 nerve blocks and an ablation ( burn the nerve ) . Nothing really helped this chronic pain .
I am pain free on most days since using the tape...it's great to not anymore feel like a slave to chronic pain.
My son is a hockey freak. About a year and a half ago while playing hockey he got a cramp in his calf and was rushed to emergency from the rink because he had this awful cramp for about 6 hours. My son has seen on numerous occasions a Physiatrist, 2 Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Doctor (was one of the Montreal Canadiens team Doctors ), a Neurologist, and a Vascular Surgeon.
They believe his popliteal artery gets entrapped within his muscles. This summer he worked 12-15 hours a day and on weekends at a law firm . He was in sheer agony.
What I saw happen was miraculous. He put on the tape and his pain didn't diminish; it disappeared in about 30 seconds. He's back at the gym doing his full workouts and back on the ice playing hockey. It has dramatically improved his mood and his quality of life .
He's become a tape addict!

Rebecca Jero "it was like someone had turned the switch off for the nerve"

Rebecca Jero "it was like someone had turned the switch off for the nerve"

Hi Sheryl,
I hope you are doing well. Doug (my PT) and I have some questions again.

So for 3 years I have struggled to get 3 PT appointments in a row without problems. We started using Thrive tape July 22. I just passed 2 months of 100% success at PT with no pain flares and continuous progression. Two months with no setbacks is HUGE for us and unprecedented. I finally had to tell Doug to pick up the pace because he was being too cautious.

I could tell my body was able to do more than he would allow. The extra stability I'm able to get is lowering my anxiety about using the joint. The fear factor shuts down those systems even more (especially the quad) so I had no stamina. I could
 feel how much more was there when I was taped. Now it's to the point that it isn't just about losing the anxiety, I really have been able to build some stamina.

Doug finally said Monday night, "You really do have more stamina, don't you?" Yes!!!

The other issue that has come up is I was starting to wonder if the saphenous nerve was desensitizing. I waited to see if Doug noticed. A couple weeks ago he finally said something. "You are tolerating manual therapy better. That area is desensitizing isn't it?" I'm definitely able to tolerate more direct pressure than ever.

As the weeks have been slipping by I'm noticing the saphenous nerve pain seems to be going into more and more of a remission. Doug tapes me Monday night. If my skin doesn't get irritated I try to leave the tape on until Friday morning so I can get at least 2 swims in with the tape (I swim M/W/F). This past week Tuesday through Friday it was like someone had turned the switch off for the nerve. I couldn't feel anything even when I tried to find the pain. I took the tape off Friday morning, Friday night I was a little sore, but Saturday afternoon my pain was so bad I had to go non-weight bearing. Tracking is terrible without the tape and I usually wake up with the joint feeling stiff and swollen. But honestly it seems like it is more than just the extra stability the tape affords.

I really am getting to our question. Could the far infrared be healing that nerve pain? This seems like more than just desensitizing. Is it all in my head? I wasn't expecting these results at all. I was just hoping to get some extra stability without my skin reacting. Do you have anyone else with neuropathy reporting back to you? Are you hearing anyone else say this? The nerve pain is definitely getting better each week and I am building a little bit of stamina and strength. The gains are there but still small enough that I don't think that alone can account for the level of pain relief I am getting.

I'll be honest, I felt really strange last week. The pain had been getting better by degrees, but then last week it was gone. Take the tape off, the pain gradually came back to normal levels. Monday was a rough pain day for me so I wasn't sure what would happen whne Doug taped me Monday night. The start of the session I was guarded but it got better the more we worked, Tuesday morning I could tell I was getting relief and today is better still. Do you understand what is happening? I wasn't expecting this at all.

I saw your sponsorship with USPain. Word is getting out! So fabulous!

Happy Wednesday,
Rebecca Jero